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Decide on a Timely but Reasonable Timeline for Deliverables

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You should always set a timeline for your enterprise software application project. Of course, some projects will take longer than others and this is something you should be aware of, but the longer the project takes unnecessarily long, the more resources it will require. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to rush. If, for example, a mobile app takes up to three months to develop, according to Enterprise CIO, don't expect to complete it in two weeks. 5. Clearly and accurately describe your required features and functionality One of the things enterprise software developers hate the most is when the customer keeps asking them to add new features or functionality to their software.

Not only is this frustrating, but it also slows down the project unnecessarily and can be a strain on the schedule and budget. To avoid this situation (for your sake and that of the developers), be sure to clearly define the features and functionality you need for your enterprise software applications. This is Real Estate Photo Editing especially important if you are going for brand new custom software. We've ranked the best Salesforce developers. Find them here! 6. Determine the coding language and platform your software will be built on Enterprise software applications are built-in specific coding languages. For example, it can be Python, Java, C, JavaScript or other. For ordinary people, a programming language is complete gibberish. So our suggestion is to sit down with your software development companies and work out with them what the best coding language for your software applications will be.

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