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Nepalese Food Recommendation

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Food of Nepal is rich in nutrients and healthy compared to other Asian food due to less oil and more vegetable usage. Since most Nepalese eat little or no breakfast before going to work or school, their lunch is rich and healthy. In the afternoon, they have snacks (khaja), which can be traditional or fusion Nepali traditional food. Then have dinner.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

Dal Bhat Tarkari is a staple food of Nepal and is regarded as the national dish. Its name is composed of three parts. Dal refers to lentil soup, bhat refers to rice, and tarkari refers to curried vegetables. Dal Bhat Tarkari is usually served with kimchi and chutney.

Newari Khaja Set or Samay Baji

Newari Khaja or Samay Baji, in simpler terms, is the famous snack khaja. During Niwari family gatherings and festival celebrations, there are many dishes like this. This Nepal traditional food is becoming a regular snack for everyone.


Dhindo, a kind of polenta, is usually cooked with cornflour and buckwheat. This kind of food can be found in most kitchens of this country. Since rice and wheat cultivation are not popular in the upper reaches, people in most areas eat Dhido.

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