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Three Things You Need to Know Before You Buy an Online Course

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  1. Be sure to learn more than just theory about the course

You will see professionals do their jobs and it will seem simple. However, this perception is false. As soon as your hands start to do the same thing, you will likely face many questions and difficulties.

It is important to actually learn about a profession by doing tasks, not just watching videos. It is important to practice what you are learning in order for it to be effective. Find out how many hours are dedicated to practical tasks.

The linking of assignments with real cases in your chosen industry is another important aspect. It is far more efficient to examine market trends and to analyse typical orders than to read abstract descriptions in a textbook. For example, future programmers must learn how to code and designers need to understand how to work with real-world layouts.

You will find that this experience will not only help you with your current responsibilities but it will also add value to your portfolio.

  1. Check out if students have feedback

Good communication with tutors is a key part of a good course. These two elements are crucial: being able and willing to ask questions if necessary, and getting feedback about the learning projects. There is always a risk in diving into a new area without critically assessing the work. There's always the chance that you misunderstand something or make mistakes on multiple tasks.

A system to check homework is a huge plus. You will consolidate the information you have already learned and enhance your skills. You should also pay attention to professional networking opportunities: Will you be interacting with colleagues? Are industry experts present at the meetings?

The exchange of ideas and inspiration can be facilitated by contacts in a different field.

  1. Look at the Course Reviews as well as their Social Media.

Reviews are not limited to the course website. Sometimes, even your social networks can reveal more. This site allows you to search for past students' comments and check out the school’s response. If there are only a few enthusiastic reviews per page, it's a sign that the school is not serious. This is an indication that social media is not being used as it should be. The last response was received by the school in 2017.

You might be able to locate the pages of those who have completed the course by checking the blogs. You can write to them, asking them to share their thoughts about the course and how they found their new career. These guidelines are not always helpful for students. Students turn to writing companies, read reviews and choose the best one. You can see an example of the detailed reviews here.

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